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Annie Gallup's writing is unabashedly imaginative and richly sensual. She is a teller of short, elaborate tales — song-length works of fiction that anniesparkle with the complexity and polish of poetry; tightly packed lyrical strands that crackle with intelligence and spry wordplay, and pulse with insistent rhythm. Hold Annie's work up to that of many contemporary literary lions: she's the real thing.

So it's no small compliment to say that her musical instincts are a match for her pen. Annie is a gifted, inventive instrumentalist. Her guitar work is a fresh, welcome interplay of short lead runs and complex picking patterns. (As a teenager in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Annie learned to play listening to records by Doc Watson and blues great Mississippi John Hurt.)

Annie's new CD,
Half of My Crime

is out now.

Copies available at shows and online.

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"She sounds like the musical daughter of Joni Mitchell and Lou Reed, simultaneously confident and vulnerable, a practiced storyteller and poet whose stream-of-consciousness narratives of strange but vivid characters share space with diamond-cut confessional vignettes of off-center and sometimes reckless romances. Her lyrics are complex and often non-linear, but well worth following, her quiet but careful guitar accompaniment a well-matched frame." — Dirty Linen


steady steady yes
courage my love
cause and effect

elixir strings