BOOKISH (2019)
Annie’s a natural storyteller, and each of her songs seems to function like a novella.” - David Kidman, FATEA
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"Beautiful reflections on mortality, fragility, the often seemlingly random pointing of the diaphanous digit of fate, and of course, love."
-Loren Solin
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GHOST (2015)
Featuring the haunting, virtuosic fiddle playing of Gabe Witcher and the soulful dobro and mandolin of David West. Nine new songs plus Annie's take on Utah Phillips' Rock Salt and Nails, and Dougie MacLean's Caledonia.
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"Proof that startlingly original artists do exist... Gallup's guitar playing favors complex runs and picking patterns while her voice glides easily from the conversational to the ethereal, framing an unabashed gift for language and an idiosyncratic perspective that yields big truths in small musical packages. Talent enough to humble the average giant." -Mountain XPress
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WEATHER (2010)
"If you can imagine what Beat poets might have sounded like if they were singers and preferred string quartets to bebop jazz, you get an inkling of Annie Gallup’s latest. It’s a literate and introspective collection of poems, spoken word presentation, and song. The music is arranged by Asia Mei, a classically trained pianist and composer with the soul of a jazz gypsy. If you never thought that a string quartet could have edge, listen to this recording and get back to me." - Off-Center Views
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halfofmy crime

"Annie Gallup is an artist in the truest sense of the word - imaginative, a skilled performer, and someone who makes you think about what she presents to you. Annie disregards formulas and marches to the beat of her own drummer, while enticing us to join her. As innovative as Annie's compositions are... it can't be said that she also can't turn out beautiful ballads. But they're not simple love songs, instead they lead you to dig beneath the lyrics and put thought behind the outline she provides." -SINGOUT!
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pearl street cover
"Described as 'a collection of linked narrative songs,' Pearl Street is ... a full-blown statement of Annie’s tremendous originality and innate inventiveness. The whole project is characterized by an almost phantasmagorical quality that’s probably due largely to Annie’s own compelling and quirky delivery that’s at once highly streetwise and strangely melodic (a bit like Laurie Anderson at times, but with arguably a more interesting range of expression). Pearl Street is confident and ambitious, and yet stimulatingly enigmatic." -NETRHYTHMS
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SWERVE (2001)
"Annie Gallup is a fierce writer, a teller of ravishing, compact stories, as funny and sensual as she is literate and subtle, and a vibrant performer, with an idiosyncratic but immediately accessible, deeply expressive way of kind-of-talking, kind-of-singing her songs. While it’s easy to keep all the emphasis on the words and their delivery, I am continually impressed by the music as well, which seems at once casually created and intensely crafted, at once sparse and rich; she may not get too loud but without question she rocks." -FINGERTIPS
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steady steady yes
"Why Annie Gallup’s profile lacks the status of a Sam Phillips or a Kathleen Edwards boggles the mind. With more edge, flair and imagination than either, Gallup truly deserves widespread recognition." -PENGUIN EGGS
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courage my love
"She sounds like the musical daughter of Joni Mitchell and Lou Reed, simultaneously confident and vulnerable, a practiced storyteller and poet whose stream-of-consciousness narratives of strange but vivid characters share space with diamond-cut confessional vignettes of off-center and sometimes reckless romances." -DIRTY LINEN
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"The unpredictable narratives of Annie Gallup’s songs take you on journeys whose destinations are never clear until you reach them. Even her most straightforward lyrics possess a fantastic almost subliminal quality that brings to mind the magic-realist fiction of Gabriel Garcia Marquez." -ACOUSTIC GUITAR
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cause and effect CAUSE AND EFFECT (1994)
"An intertwined sequence of love songs, not optimistic, but filled with deft metaphors and riveting images sifted from love's ashes. It's so smooth you'd hardlly know it's poetry." -NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

"Narrative reminiscences - fully developed, intently marrying scenes of emotions and brimming with delicious rhymes." -PERFORMING SONGWRITER
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